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Geeky Gadget Girl: IT Support for all Windows, Apple & Android Devices

Welcome to the Geeky Gadget Girl website. 

As a Digital Consultant, I offer IT Support and Services for all Windows, Apple and Android devices in Malvern, Worcester, Ross, Hereford and Ledbury areas. Giving families access to the kind of computer help and guidance they would not normally receive unless working in a corporate or professional environment and small businesses IT Support they require without the huge price tags normally involved.

I can help with desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones, watches, televisions, routers, networks, smart homes and happy to give personalised tutorials on everything from photo editing to checking your emails. One of my main tasks is checking your cyber security settings and helping protect yourself to the highest possible degree from hacking and cyber crime.

Below you'll find information about me, reviews from past clients and the services I provide. To book an appointment, please use a button below to call or email me.

As a Digital Creative Consultant for businesses, my services include; Graphic Design, Video Editing, Audio Editing, Photo Retouching, Voiceovers / Narration, Motion Graphics and more, please click on CREATIVE SERVICES to find out more information.


For families & local businesses

I offer help with all Windows, Apple and Android devices in the Malvern and Worcester area.
I'm lucky enough to have helped lots of people understand their devices and they are now happily using all the exciting features they come with. 
Why should you miss out on all the fun? Whether it's simple email questions, lots of little questions you don't know who to ask, router/modem issues or more complex photo editing lessons, we will get it sorted! 
If you would like to know more, have a read about me by clicking the ABOUT ME button above or read my client reviews HERE and contact me for a quote and to arrange a visit, my rates are very competitive.


Whether it's a few quick questions over a cup of tea or an in depth tutorial on photo editing or instructions on how to back up to a cloud; Families, parents and grandparents sometimes need help understanding how their devices (new or old) work and more importantly, how to stay safe and far from the reach of cyber criminals. Discounts available for those retired and those registered disabled. 


Small businesses can't always afford the large price tags that come with having an IT consultant on hand to help with every day issues. Often this means they end up ignoring problems until they become too large to ignore. I'm able to help either on-site or remotely, so your business can continue to trade worry free. With Geeky Gadget Girl's Small Business Packages you can relax and concentrate on your business, safe in the knowlege that you're in safe, experienced hands. 

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  • Graphic Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Video Editing & Post Production Services
  • Audio Editing Services
  • Voiceovers and Voice Acting
  • Business Email
  • Business Card Design 
  • Company Branding 
  • Website Design & Creation
  • Website Hosting

Client Reviews

Reviews from past and current business and personal clients

Mrs D Redbourn

Business / Family Client

Geeky Gadget Girl has competently and efficiently resolved a wide range of IT issues in my home office.  It’s a bonus that she is a lovely and trustworthy person to have in your home.   

Geeky Gadget Girl IT Support in Malvern Worcestershire

Mr & Mrs Prosser

"Every computer should come with a Geeky Gadget Girl. Enthusiastic and determined, Claire is a problem solver. Her technical knowledge cannot be faulted nor can her sense of humour. All in all a little gem.." 

01684 893 778

"Claire has built a great website for my company and in the process helped me to clearly define what I wanted to say and show. Her communication was always clear, answering all my questions and quickly showed me alternatives so I could see the difference between options if required. Very pleased and will be using her services in the future"

07503 584 909

Mr & Mrs Surridge

"With unfailing good humour GGG helped us through the stressful process of modernising our system. We are delighted with how well it is working and also that GGG is there to support us if we meet new problems in the future"

01531 635 299
Geeky Gadget Girl IT Support in Malvern Worcestershire

Mrs J Harris

Family Client, Malvern

"Claire is lovely! Didn’t have to wait days for an appointment, arrived promptly and sorted out our problem quickly 👍 Explained to two complete “technophobes” how we could improve our computer/laptop experience! Great service - would recommend her and use her expertise again.🤗"

Geeky Gadget Girl IT Support in Malvern Worcestershire

Mrs C Pykett

 Family Client, Malvern 

“We found GGG in our local trade paper, we were having several small issues with Windows computers and Apple products. GGG visited our home and spent time understanding what the issues were. She has vast knowledge of all things technical and talks them through in language we understood. GGG is highly recommendable.”

Mrs B Foreman

Retired Client, Malvern

"I knew one day I was going to have to update my communication equipment to bring me into the 21st century. Then as a gift I was given an iPad and all I could accomplish was charge the battery! I got in touch with Claire and found her a wizard on my iPad and other WiFi equipment. She is a knowledgeable, patient, kind, caring, cheerful teacher. As an elderly lady of 84 years my reactions are slower than the young, but Claire doesn’t mind how many times she needs to show me how to achieve my goals. She has taught me to love my iPad!!"

Geeky Gadget Girl IT Support in Malvern Worcestershire

Mr B Galer

Retired Client, Malvern 

"Geeky Girl has a very patient approach in schooling the uninitiated into the world of computer science. I found the way in which she made clear the sequence of events to reach a certain result logical to an untrained mind which is more random and of an artistic temperament.....
Her handbook 'Information about Technology' was very clear and logically set out. I showed it to an old school friend who had experience in home computers over many years and he said that he learned something that he had not considered before......
I found that her home visits working in familiar surroundings with one's own equipment a very good way of being schooled and introduced into the Windows 10 operating system and thereby I was helped by her to operate email, letter writing, photograph manipulation and document transfer in an easy and stress free way.."


A total geek of a girl who adores the magical world of smart devices and technology. From a young age I was IT support to all my friends and family fixing their laptops and advising them on which phone to buy, then helping them set it up. So after travelling around the world, I've settled down in Malvern and I'm studying a degree in Computer Science and Cyber Security. 

I very much enjoy showing people how clever their devices are and giving them lots of tips and tricks that they never knew.  I also get a huge amount of pleasure when helping a business save lots of time (and money) by being able to find a device or a suitable piece of software which makes their jobs or lives easier. 

I remember when mobile phones came out they blew my mind - because they are miniature computers that you can hold in your hand and take everywhere with you and nowadays they are just as powerful (if not more) as desktop computers. 

Which is why I can imagine that it must be so frustrating not to be able to get your head around it all and to not understand what everyone is referring to during chats with friends and family or even understanding what they are talking about on a TV show.. 

That's where I come in... Families and small businesses also need IT Support and not the kind that costs thousands of pounds. I'm here to answer every question you have about your devices. I can explain what things are, what they do, how to disable them so they stop annoying you or how to utilise them. I'll keep it really simple and I'll even write everything down that we spoke about just in case you forget. 

I also support many local businesses in Malvern, Worcester, Ledbury, Ross-On-Wye, Hereford, Kings Caple, Hoarwithy, MonMouth and many surrounding areas. I'm able to offer cloud system support, networking solutions, company branding, website design and hosting services plus more.

Remember: IT'S EASY WHEN YOU KNOW HOW... And once I've shown you how easy it is, you'll know how too!


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