Windows 10 is about to be replaced by Windows 11, something Microsoft said they would never do. But then it IS Microsoft so we shouldn't be surprised...

Much to the horror of Windows 7 lovers, in July 2015 Microsoft released a new operating system called Windows 10 and stated that this would only ever be updated, never replaced. Probably something to do with the millions of Windows 7 users who point blank refused to update their systems. Microsoft found a clever way around this by rolling out "important security updates", a ploy that was found to be much more acceptable by it's users.

However, 7 years later and in a post Git-Hub acquirement age, Microsoft is replacing Windows 10 with a soon to be released Windows 11 Operating System are expected to be announcing this in their event taking place tomorrow (Thursday 24th at 11am ET). which is 4pm UK time. They've been posting videos on YouTube like this one below, showcasing new relaxing system sounds.

Support for Windows 7 stopped in January last year, despite this fact - at the time of writing this, I have two client computers in my home office which I have just updated/upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7.

If the leaked version doing the rounds, is to be trusted.. Windows 11 looks to be a very light weight and less clunky version of Windows 10. Said to be a third faster and more powerful with a smoother user experience, rounded corners giving the entire system a cleaner look, almost Mac like with a centred start menu akin to Macs dock. I can honestly say, I'm looking forward to moving onwards and upwards with Windows 11.

image by Tom Warren at The Verge

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