UK Users of Russian Anti-Virus software Kaspersky

Myself, alongside 53 million users in the UK alone have used Kaspersky Internet Security software, one of the only anti virus applications which has managed to successfully block 100% of viruses in many of the Geeky test videos I watch every few months, for years. I have personally found the software to be both efficient, competent and to date, has never let me down.

However, a German-based company BSI released a rather worrying report yesterday, voicing the concerns that I'm sure, many Kaspersky users have had, which is that in light of the recent political events surrounding Russia's invasion of the Ukraine - keeping the software installed on our systems could be tempting fate. Even though BSI hasn't said they have found any evidence of foul play, they have concerns that the antivirus company could be used (possibly against their will) to spy on European and British companies using Kaspersky software or that cyber attacks could be launched via the permissions given to the software, in order to protect our systems.

The BSI recommends Kaspersky software should be replaced with other anti virus software - but as carefully as possible to avoid weakening our systems defences.

The Russian company Kaspersky, reportedly told the BBC News that the warning had been "made on political grounds" and it had no ties to the Russian government.

As disappointed as I am to uninstall perfectly good software that has protected me for years and years, it was with a heavy heart that I recently decided to 'err on the side of caution' uninstalling Kaspersky and replacing it with a UK based antivirus application called Bit Defender, and even though it had big boots to fill, I'm happy to report that so far I have found Bit Defender to be excellent, feature rich and very user friendly with an exceptionally helpful customer service team and competitive prices.


If you would also like to err on the side of caution' and require my help changing your anti virus software from Kaspersky Internet Security to Bit Defender or another company of your choosing - please contact me to book either a remote appointment or a home visit.

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